About us

Serkha ConsultantĀ® is the national association who joined in creative industry based in Bandung, specializing in training and certification of corporate employees, small business, and SME consultants. We understand the impact that privately owned, small businesses and SMEs have on the worldwide economy. The core training of Serkha Consultant Approach: Recruitment system, organizational development, performance management, HR system supervising which is to train small business and SME consultants with the core competencies needed to improve operational efficiency and maximize potency of every part in different divisions. For developing a startup idea or small business, we also provide our speciality service include planning & strategy internal organization, marketing, execute, maintenance, and some customer data insight by market research approach.


  • Research
  • Market
  • Collect
  • Brainstorm
  • Analyze


  • Planning
  • Strategic
  • Innovation


  • Branding Execution
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing


  • Training System
  • Control
Our Team


Angkinasih Saraswati
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Irfan Arsandi
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Vico A. Bagaskara
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Irwan A. Bachtiar
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